what to do during social distancing

2020 started with an almost war, then a virus, and now everyone is social distancing. K-12 schools are shut down, local businesses are closing, and that leaves everyone to do what? Well, there is gaming, leveling up on GTA, getting together “with the boys.” Kids can now play Fortnite all day if they wanted, and I myself am also guilty of this. I must say my building is getting a lot better. Besides gaming, however, this is also a good time to pick up a few new hobbies. For example, my cousin and I have found that OOAK dolls are pretty popular and sell for a pretty penny. OOAK is custom doll making, and can be made with old or dirty dolls, which we have a lot of. Specifically monster high dolls. So, we bought the materials needed for recreating one. Whereas my cousin is the one redoing the faces, I have taken up sewing again to make the clothes.

Another activity to pass time with is reading a book. I recently started reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, which I highly recommend if you love fantasy, and I couldn’t put it down, I’m glad I bought the second one, too. It’s like Harry Potter but canon gay. Adding on, why not have a movie marathon? I recently bought the Miyazaki collection, animated films, you’ll probably recognize Spirited Away or My Neighbor Totoro? Amazing films. Or, if you have Disey+, Marvel or the Disney Princess collection.

Don’t forget cleaning. I personally am not home a lot to do some real deep cleaning, not the dish washing or sweep and mop, but go through all the junk we have and clean the shed out, and perhaps have a yard sale after this distancing is over with.